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Shelter plus Care -Collaborative(CHA)

801 N. Holtzclaw Avenue
Chattanooga, TN 37404




The Shelter plus Care Program provides vouchers to persons who are homeless with mental health and/or substance abuse diagnoses and who are involved with a social service agency for treatment and services. Application must be made on behalf of the individual by the agency providing supportive services.

Primary Services:

General Information


8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m., M-Th; 8:30 a.m. - 11:30 a.m., F

Intake Process:

If homeless, must be referred by an agency/case manager who completes a certification form which includes attached copies of documents itemized below.
If victim of domestic violence, government displacement, disaster or condemnation, applicant must bring proof of claim and itemized documents below:
Birth certificate for each household member;
Social Security Cards for each household member;
Photo ID for each household member over 17;
If any household member receives/has any of these:
PUBLIC AID (TANF/Families First)- caseworker's computer printed statement or cancellation letter;
EMPLOYMENT: copy of most recent six checks, in order, wtih year to date earnings figure or a letter from the employer, including fax number;
UNEMPLOYMENT: Original award letter and current stub or exhaust letter;
CHILD SUPPORT/ALIMONY: Notorized letter from provider, and/or court order and case number;
DFCS: Statement of income, name and telephone of case worker;
SSI/SOCIAL SECURITY: Annual award letter and current statement from the Social Secuirty Administration;
BANK ACCOUNT/ASSETS: monthly statements from last three months for savings and/or checking accounts, stocks, bonds, property, IRAs, annuities, trusts, inheritance, settlements;
IF CLAIMING NO INCOME: verfications of loss of all recent income sources (e.g., termination notices);
FULL-TIME STUDENT STATUS: for students 18 years or older, bring a current letter from the registrar or admissions officer verifying full-time student status
MEDICAL DEDUCTIONS: For households where the head of household is 62 or older, or a person with disabilities will be part of the family, bring a printout from the pharmacy or provider for medications and/or medical visit anticipated to be paid by the applicant (not the portion paid by insurance or Medicare) within the next 12 months. Expenses for the last 12 months are acceptable.
CHILD CARE: If head of household works full-time or is a student, bring the child care provider's name and address.

Program Fees:

30% of income for rent and utilities




Must be diagnosed as a mental health disability and be chronically homeless either at the time of admission or prior to entering a treatment center.

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