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Memphis Health Center - Crump Clinic - Pediatrics Services

Provides affordable pediatric care, immunizations, sports physicals, well-child checkups, and WIC screenings.

Services: Child Health and Disability Prevention Exams, Community Clinics, Childhood Immunization, Pediatrics, WIC

Memphis, TN 38126

Memphis Health Center - Crump Clinic - Womens' Health Care

Provides gynecology, breast examinations/mammograms, and family planning/counseling for low-income women.

Services: Breast Examinations, Mammograms, Family Planning, Prenatal Care, Community Clinics, Women's Health Centers

Memphis, TN 38126

Memphis Health Center - Fayette County - Rossville Clinic - Adult & Pediatric Primary Care

Provides affordable pediatric care for children five years and older (including immunizations, sports physicals, well-child checkups and WIC screenings) and adult primary health care podiatry, blood pressure and diabetes screenings, nutrition/weight control counseling, and referrals if needed to specialists, including women's reproductive and ob/gyn services (including family planning, mammograms, cancer screenings and prenatal care).

Services: General Medical Care, Mammograms, Sexually Transmitted Disease Screening, Tuberculosis Screening, Child Health and Disability Prevention Exams, Nutrition Education, Pharmacies, Family Planning, Prenatal Care, Community Clinics, Sexually Transmitted Disease Treatment, Immunizations, Pediatrics, Podiatry/Foot Care, WIC

Rossville, TN 38066

Memphis Health Center - Homeless Health Care

Provides internal medicine, obstetrics/gynecology, optometry and dentistry, pharmacy, podiatry, family practice, pediatrics and HIV/AIDS care for homeless individuals and families.

Services: General Medical Care, Community Clinics

Memphis, TN 38126

Memphis Health Center - Whitehaven Clinic

Provides primary health care for children five years and older at this site and referrals to other Memphis Health Center services at the main clinic location if needed.

Services: General Medical Care, Community Clinics, Pediatrics, WIC

Memphis, TN 38116

Memphis Muslim Medical Clinic

Provides primary care for non-insured, low-income individuals regardless of client's religious, ethnic or national background.

Services: General Medical Care, Community Clinics

Memphis, TN 38122

Millington Public Health Clinic - Immunizations

Provides adult, adolescent and children's immunizations and flu shots.

Services: Community Clinics, Immunizations, Childhood Immunization, Flu Vaccines, Hepatitis A Immunizations, Hepatitis B Immunizations, HPV Immunizations, Measles/Mumps/Rubella Immunizations, Meningitis Immunizations, Poliovirus Immunizations, Td/Tdap Immunizations, Travel Immunizations

Millington, TN 38053

Millington Public Health Clinic - Reproductive Health Services

Provides confidential family planning services, including birth control supplies, pregnancy tests, medical examinations, screening for cervical and breast cancer, anemia and high blood pressure screening, laboratory tests, reproductive health education and counseling, nutrition education and counseling, enrollment in WIC and childbirth classes.

Services: Breast Examinations, Birth Control Counseling, Contraception, Pregnancy Counseling, Pregnancy Testing, Sexuality/Reproductive Health Education, Teen Pregnancy Prevention, Community Clinics

Millington, TN 38053

Mt Pleasant Family Clinic - Primary Medical Care - Mt Pleasant, MS

Provides primary medical care with sliding-scale fees; services include breast and cervical cancer screenings, prenatal and obstetric care, immunizations, laboratory work, x-rays, and pharmacy with prescription assistance.

Services: General Medical Care, Health Screening/Diagnostic Services, Diagnostic Imaging/Radiology, Cancer Detection, Mammograms, Pap Tests, General Laboratory Tests, Prescription Drug Patient Assistance Programs, Community Clinics, Immunizations, Obstetrics/Gynecology

Mount Pleasant, MS 38649

Regional One Health - Guthrie Primary Care Clinic - North Memphis

Provides general primary care services including chronic disease management, treatment of acute illness, pediatric treatment/referral, disease detection screening, childhood immunizations, nutritional services, family planning services, tuberculin skin tests, lead poisoning screening, pregnancy testing and preventive child health care/education.

Services: General Medical Care, Blood Pressure Screening, HIV Testing, Family Planning, Pregnancy Testing, Community Clinics, Public Clinics, Immunizations, Childhood Immunization, WIC

Memphis, TN 38107

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