Provides money for rent/utility/medical bills or other needed financial assistance for residents of Memphis through different Catholic Churches when funding is available. Food and clothing may also be available. Call the central intake number (901-722-4703). NOTE: You will be asked to leave your name, address and zip code and if funds are available to help, the church that covers your local zip code will call you back. NOTE: FAILURE TO LEAVE A ZIP CODE WILL MEAN THAT YOUR APPLICATION WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED. IF YOU HAVE PRIVACY BLOCK ON YOUR PHONE, YOU WILL NOT BE CALLED BACK EITHER, EVEN IF FUNDS ARE AVAILABLE IN YOUR ZIP CODE. Each case is considered on an individual basis and home visits are done to evaluate and verify needs.

Phone Numbers

(901) 722-4703

Address Listings

1306 Monroe Avenue
Memphis, TN 38104


Case Manager & Assistant Administrator(Primary)

Richard Peyton

Intake Process:

Call (901-722-4703) and leave your name, phone and zip code on the voicemail to apply for help in your zip code; IF funding is available through the Catholic churches in your area, you will be called back for an intake interview. (NOTE: Calls will be made from private phone numbers, so make sure your phone service does not block unknown numbers through a privacy block.) Each case is considered individually, with help administered through different Catholic churches. Home visits are made to evaluate need and funding is limited.

Program Fees:

No Fee


Financial Help is usually only available once a year for eligible Residents of Shelby County

Date of Official Change:

August 12, 2019

Primary Services: